Krang Shuri Falls – Picturesque and peaceful

We, a senior colleague of me and I, started from Guwahati at around seven in the morning, one hour later than we planned. We were not very sure about the route but very confident that google maps will guide us to the right place. After an hour of driving, we stopped at Jiva Veg restaurant for a breakfast as none of us had breakfast at home. But then the place was too crowded and waiter informed us that we may have to wait for about half hour before we can have a seat and order for a breakfast.
We gave up the idea of breakfast at the restaurant and moved forward and after sometime, we stopped by a roadside dhaba and had some decent breakfast with Puri Sabji. We started again at around 9:30 and reached Barapani by 10. We were in no mood to go through Shillong and therefore took the bypass towards Khliehriat. 

Rat-hole mining in the hills beside road

The route towards Khliehriat is beautiful with hills on both side of the road, small villages a few kilometres and small paddy fields in the valleys between hills. The road, though not a four lane one like the Guwahati-Shillong highway, is smooth for a nice and relaxing road trip. Enjoying the roadside sceneries we reached Mukhla at around 11 and took help of Google maps to determine if we are going in the right direction. We took right towards Jowai. From Jowai we took right to take Jowai Dowki road. From Jowai, Dowki is around 50 km and Krangshuri is around half the distance. A portion of road from Jowai towards Dowki is in bad condition but after that road is fantastic. We crossed the Myntdu river and kept driving through the hills to reach sprawling valleys spread between the road and upto distant hills. We drove for 180 km to reach the falls location at around 12:30. From the highway there’s a one kilometre drive upto the parking location. The route is not yet metalled but no problem for bigger cars. Small cars can go through too, but may have to be extra careful specially after rain.
We took our camera and trekked down from the parking to the waterfall. Its around two to three hundred feet walk on stone steps down to the waterfall. The falls are not loud enough that you can hear the roar from parking location. The walk down the steps bring some cheers as we finally reached a wooden viewpoint from where the upper portion of falls can be seen.

We walked down to the ticket counter and booked two tickets @ 40 per Adult. Theres not much hue and cry and other commercial activities and there is peaceful environment around as is expected in natures lap.

Just below the ticket booth theres one restaurant and the falls is just below it. We straightway went the falls. Its not a very high or big one but definitely superbly beautiful one that is worth the travel. Its a certain of water falling from height of around 40 feet to the water below in a single plunge. A beautiful blue pool of water is created below the falls. There are small and large rocks on which one can sit and behold the waterfall in front for hours.

The fall from the stone staircase that leads to the pool below

As we gathered that there is tent for night halt, we planned to stay there at night. Every basic facility for night stay at tents near the falls is provided. The tent price for three people is a meager 500 Rupees. We two stayed at night in the tents had dinner at the restaurant walked around the place to enjoy the serene atmosphere. The sound of waterfall, crickets/cicadas and black starry night created a perfect ambient for a great sleep.
Next morning it was drizzling. There is a dam like structure created in upper portion of the waterfall. It creates a passage to cross the stream to go to the other end and at the same time creates a pool that is safe enough for swimming.

The passage joining two sides of the steam

We had our breakfast at the restaurant after we shot couple of photographs. We left the place thanking the staffs of the canteen for their amazing hospitality.

The restaurant serves good food with great hospitality

It was a great feeling being there and staying at night. But as if that was not enough offer from nature,  the scenic beauty of the road while coming back was breathtaking. We moved through clouds now and then. Entering the clouds and coming out of it was a normal phenomena. It was too dreamy a ride from the falls towards Jowai for at least upto Jarain.

En-route back from the falls

And then the sun came out to present us a beautiful bright day that was so blissful that one cannot but admire the beauty of nature. 

Meadow above Tyrshi falls

We drove and stopped wherever we got chance to shoot some picturesque place to capture the memories of what we saw. Tyrshi fall is one such location. It was a great journey and awesome destination to say the final words.

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